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Cloning Plug Method

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Cloning (Plug Method): what you need:

   Cloning plugs (medium)

   Sterile razor blade

   Clonex (nutrients)

          Gallon jug for diluting Clonex

   Cloning gel

   Spray Bottle

   Cloning tray, dome

   Small clean plastic bin

   Heat mat

   Fluorescent light (blue light)

   Shot glass

   Ph/PPM meter

        Ideal Conditions:     100-300 ppm

                                      5.5-5.8 Ph

Cloning process:

Fill container with about a gallon of water, put about 300ppm of Clonex into water and adjust Ph accordingly (5.5-5.8). Fill shot glass with cloning gel.

Soak plugs in clone solution, squeeze gently and place into cloning tray.

Make a clean cut on an angle preferably under a node, the best clones come from the very top of the plant, or from the very bottom branches (new growth, or closer to nutrient intake). Either one you choose you are looking for the strongest, largest possible stem you can get away with cutting.

Take clean razor and lightly scrape around the cut to remove tough outer skin (optional but preferred).

Coat what will be the root zone with the cloning gel, and place the cutting into an already soaked plug in the tray.

Cut large palm leaves in half and remove any plant matter suspected of rot (anything touching the plugs).

Spray with foliar feed and place the dome over clones with the vents closed, place heat mat under tray all under the florescent.

Check every day to make sure the dome has at least some condensation and water in the tray. If there is condensation, leave clones alone for 4-5 days, it is best to leave them alone as much as you possibly can.

When a good number of roots are noticed (not just one or two, they need to be somewhat established), open dome vents halfway and monitor until ready to transplant.

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